Virginia Dena Dan
As a former design agency project manager, and current part-time art registrar and fashion student, Virginia Dan is often found at home sewing while watching re-runs of Absolutely Fabulous or Law & Order. From a young age Dan has been hoarding fabric, drawing up-side down figures, and participating in the creative process. After studying fine art at the USC Roski School Fine Arts, she pursued a career in design and advertising only to be lured away to the motherland and a long lost family who didn’t know their blood line extended to the Americas. Upon her return, she studied Mandarin while going to fashion school at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. With much instruction and hard work, she is building a career in the fashion industry as a pattern maker and designer, while she continues to add to her body of work in fine art.

As un-curated as it may be, the works featured on this website represent Dan’s broad interest in all creative fields.

Photo: Mosquito Bitten Legs, Shanghai, September 2007